About Us

The Pitt Meadows Lions was Chartered on May 7, 1951, after an organization meeting held April 5, 1951, with 18 charter members present and the sponsorship of Maple Ridge Lions.

The first club meeting was held at the Wild Duck Inn and the club has used the facilities of the Council Chambers, the Recreational Hall, homes of various members, the Old Anderson Store, and the old Pitt Meadows Elementary School.  In 1956, at the instigation of Lion Davie Jones, a society was incorporated and the current Den site on Harris Road was prepared and building materials purchased and also obtained from the stripping of the old school house.  The Den was usable to 1958, primarily with self help of club members.  In 1975 the Den underwent extensive expansion and in 1998 was again renovated.  In 2022 we added wifi capability to aid in providing hybrid meetings.  The Lions Den is not only the focal point for Lions’ activities, it is also a great source of community service in itself to various non-profit groups.

The Pitt Meadows Lions have raised well over half a million dollars over 15 years to 2007.  Every dollar that has been raised went back into the community or to our other provincial, national, and international commitments.

Some beneficiaries in the past:

and these are just a few.

Some of the things we also do are Eye Glass Recycling; Guide Dogs for Diabetes, Seeing Eye and Autism (supplemented by our collection of pull-tabs).

In 1978 there were approximately 48.  Today we are 20 strong and wish to encourage community minded citizens of Pitt Meadows or neighbor to serve with us.

The Leo Clubs of BCJoin and Charter a LEO Club for youth ages 13-18 — The “PMSS Marauders Leo Club”.  LEO stands for Leadership, Experience & Opportunity.

Please support these endeavors.


Many projects were undertaken, one of which was to build the Lions Den from the wood from the old school house on Harris Road, the now new Pitt Meadows Elementary School.

The Pitt Meadows Day Parade became well known for “Old 99” (picture to follow) which is currently retired and may simply become a memory in the Pitt Meadows Heritage Museum.Old 99 out to pasture

Today the Lions serve along side the Fire Fighters in their quest to raise funds for the Burn Unit and Friends in Need and Timothy’s Telethon.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!