Our September 1 meeting saw a new member to the Lions Community.  Welcome Danny Puno!  As well we had quite a few awards and lots of activity for the upcoming year.   If you, like Danny, are keen to give back to your community, or just want to get to know the people who work so tirelessly to help our local Legion, Food bank, Easter Seal House, and the local high school breakfast program (to name a few), please join us – we need more hands and hearts to keep our community thriving.

New Lion Danny Puno induction
Lion Danny Puno
Lion Danny Puno

September 1 also saw awards for many of our members, for length of service and other fine work.

Lion Carol Moisan
Lion Carol receives the Diamon Centennial AwardLion Tom Hardy

Lion Tom Hardy receives 50 years of service Chevron

Lion Tom Kubb
Lion Tom Kubb receives 45 years service Chevron
Lion Nancy Young
Lion Nancy Young receives 25 year chevron




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